If a child is ever missing, the parents can immediately provide their NEC ChildID? photo and electronic fingerprint document to authorities. Prompt action is the best means to a safe recovery, whether a child is lost, runaway or even abducted. Unfortunately, most parents do not have complete or current identification materials for their children. ChildID? solves that problem - and can be used frequently to keep current as the child gets older.

Quick and Easy Process Supports Child Safety

ChildID? is a service that can be offered by law enforcement and public safety agencies, civic or fraternal organization, neighborhood watch groups, schools, churches and other concerned groups. It takes less than two minutes to gather the appropriate information.

"NEC's computerized system for positively identifying children allows us to offer our communities an invaluable service."

Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of California

The NEC ChildID? System can be set up almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. In a friendly, non-intimidating process, up to ten images and two facial images are captured. It's all electronic, so there are no messy inks or fingerprint cards. The printed ChildID? Sheet given to parents is the ideal tool to present to law enforcement, media and search groups to help them find and identify a missing child.

How It Works
A Fun 2-Minute Process

Community events take on added value when NEC's ChildID? is included in the activities. Menu and help icons on the computer screen make it easy for the operator to perform all the actions necessary.

  • Child places finger on scanner and image is captured
  • Finger scanning is repeated for other hand
  • Child's facial images are captured by digital camera
  • Picture can be cropped using menu options
  • Optional demographic information can be provided by the parent and entered by the computer operator (no information stored on computer)
  • Form is given to parent to retain in a safe place

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NEC Solutions, a world leader in biometrics, has been providing the industry's most accurate finger imaging solutions for nearly 30 years. Our world-class quality and reliability support the NEC ChildID? System.

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