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To ensure consistency and organization of Web files, please use the following file naming conventions when creating or modifying any of NECSAM's graphical elements.
Button naming convention
Buttons should be named as follows: (first three letters of the button)_(button state). For example, the three different states of the "Find" button would be named as: Fin_at (for on state), Fin_hi (for rollover state), and Fin_off (for off state)
Image naming convention
You should name photographic images, as well as other supporting images, as follows: (first 3 letters)_(second 3 letters)_(last 3 letters) For example, The NEC Solutions America type ID would be saved under the name: nec_sol_ame.gif
Directory structure convention
Please ensure that images are stored under the right folder directory for better organization and easier file management
- /ar for all arrows with their HEX color
- /bar for any bars or lines
- /brand for any NECSAM or NEC logos or branded taglines
- /slogan for any NECSAM or NEC slogans or words in image format (eg: Marketing Messages)
- /btn for any Buttons
- /pic for any pictures. There are sub-directories for every primary directory for easy file finding
- /tb for anything in the top rollover bar
- /tn for anything in the top navigation (Tools Section)
- /title for titles that appear at the top of the main content
- /images for only essential and commonly used images (eg: '/img/s.gif'- the spacer)
See the Visual Design Guidelines for more information.
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